Short Films

'Welcome Home' Short Film

After being introduced to a new roommate, a young man is terrified by what he finds under his bed.

'Buscame en el Mar' Short Film

Two young people meet during a summer in northern Mexico and everything changes when an event suddenly separates them.

Role: 2nd Assistant Camera

'My Project Life' Short Film

A self-centered young man who does not value his family is forced to spend a day with his brother and is challenged by his own lack of priorities.

Role: 1st Assistant Camera

Role: Writer, Director & Editor

'Real Love' Short Film

'Real Love' is an emotional short film about an homososexual couple and their love life after one of them passed away due to cancer.

'Last Night' Short Film

'Last Night' is a Short Film about a young man suffering from schizophrenia who obeys to anything the voices in his head tell him to do.

'Ding Dang Dong' Short Film

'Ding Dang Dong' is a Short Film about a woman whose father is dying & the memories of the good times they had together bring her sadness.

Role: Director of Photography

Role: Sound Mixer, Boom Operator & Editor

Role: Sound Mixer, Boom Operator & Editor